The best ice cream parlours in town


    42 Shabazzi Street Neve Tzedek
    3 Florentin street in Florentin Neighbourhood

    Anita, La Mamma del Gelato as they call them self
    is a new Ice cream in Tel Aviv. The shops location
    is a great factor to their success. Neve Tzedek
    and Florentin are on the itinerary of every tourist
    that comes to Tel Aviv and everybody likes ice
    cream. Some of the flavor are really good some
    are mediocre in my opinion so be sure to ask to
    taste some before you chose.

    22 a Astoria Haparhi
    (Basel area)
    tel: 03-6020105
    on Eben Gvirol
    opposite to Gan Hayr and many more branches...

    Freshly made ice cream in a variety of flavors.
    Definetely one of the best Ice cream options in
    town. My favorite flavor is the pistachio and the
    French Vanilla but also the cheese cake ice cream
    is great and everything else
Aldo Icecream
vaniglia - basel area

    Aldo in Tel Aviv Port also near the
    Marina Tel Aviv entrance

    Tel Aviv Port before the wooden deck just
    near the fish restaurants at the beginning
    of the port

    There are many Ice cream shops named
    Aldo in town and I am not sure if they are
    all genuine but this one is definitely
    standing up to the standard and serving
    the same flavors and quality Icecream as
    the Dolce Melody on Ben Yehuda only
    here you get to sit in the port by the water
    with a nice breeze caressing you
Aldo in the port
Aldo in the port

    Tamara Yogurt Ice cream
    96 Ben Yehuda Street (Gordon Corner)
    Tel: 03-5234449

    The new thing in town and it is a hit. What
    can be better than fresh fruits and
    yogurt? Fresh Fruits and Yogurt Ice
    cream. Tamara, the same that has the
    fresh juice stand on Ben Gurion went for
    this great idea and opened a beautifully
    designed place where you can have your
    yogurt ice cream made of the fruits you
    chose yourself. Great Summer break.
Tamara Yogurt
Tamara yougurt
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