Gay & Lesbian Scene

    In general Tel Aviv is  a gay friendly city where everybody minds his
    business and gays or lesbians can feel as free as they like. There are
    many places oriented to the gay&lesbian community. There is even a  
    gay beach and a gay   park - Park Haatzmaut

    See pictures from Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

    Check the Gay community website  Tel Aviv is been declared as the
    Gay Capital of the Middle East by leading gay magazines such as
    advocate com or or the article in

    ATRAF   Website in Hebrew :-( with Gay parties listing

    Gay Tel Aviv Guide  - A new website that praise itself to be the most
    extensive and updated guide to Gay Tel Aviv
    They seem to have an updated  Gay Nightlife Page

    Speaking of Nightlife... I bring here a choice of places that have gay
    oriented parties and nights, although I don't know them from personal
    experience but I gathered them from Hebrew websites and from friends.

    23 Lilenblum Street
    Tel: 052-3363296
    Lesbian Bar open daily

    Apolo Tel Aviv
    46 Allenby Street
    Tel: 03-7741106
    A new Gay dance bar open every night
    Free Entrance - Men only

    Cedamus Amori
    37 Nahlat Binyamin street
    Tel 03-5600582
    Open all week pick up bar

    31 Yavne Street Tel: 03-5669559
    Famous gay bar with theme parties around the week with drag show it
    is recommended to make in advance reservations.

    Freezone 13 Yedidia Frenkel 13 Tel: 03-6811873
    Gay Pick up Bar sophisticatedly designed.  

    Lima Lima
    42 Lilenblum street
    The Notorious G.A.Y.
    Party line on Mondays starts at 10 PM Black Music and Soul Rap and
    Hip Hop Pop.

    Meshugaat (means crazy in feminine form)
    12 Eben Gvirol Street Tel: 03:6094066
    Lesbian friendly cafe with nice homely food

    Minerva 98 Allenby Street Tel: 03-5603801
    Lesbian Cafe Bar Welcoming all gendres, even straights :-)

    Sauna Paradise  75 Allenby street in the basement
    Dry and wet sauna and dark rooms ... for men except Wednesdays
    when it is for both sexes.

    Sauna City 113 hashmonaim Street Tel:03-6241148
    Another sauna with private rooms and adult dvd for men only.

    Moadon Hateatron  (Hebrew for Theater Club)
    10 Jerusalem Blvd. Tel: 03-5184715
    A veteran club that hosts hot gay parties.

    Gay Accommodation -
    I don't really know if they are any good but you can check for
    yourselves :-) (I did not try them)
    Pink House the first Gay Guest House

Pride Parade TLV 2012

Pride Parade TLV 2011

Pride Parade TLV 2009

Pride Parade TLV 2007

Pride Parade TLV  2005
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    Paris, New York And Tel Aviv Top The List Of Gay
    Dream Travel Destinations

    Today GayCities concluded another annual Best of
    GayCities campaign by revealing the top travel
    destinations. The interactive campaign had
    thousands of GayCities members and readers
    creating “ultimate dream” travel itineraries by
    mapping their favorite cities. Paris was the most
    selected city overall, and also the top city in two
    categories: “Romance City” and “Food & Wine
    City.” New York City came in strong second,
    nabbing the title of “City That Never Sleeps.”

    Rounding out the top 10 “ultimate dream” cities are:
    Tel Aviv
    San Francisco
    Rio de Janeiro

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