Carmela Benachala
    46 Hataborcorner Rambam street in
    Nahalat Binyamim area
    Tel: 03-5161417

    Elegant restaurant in the Carmel Market
    area takes advantage of the fresh
    products of the market -  very
    sophisticated food and quite expensive  -
    - $$$
    lunch deals also on Fridays  -   Menu

    6 Hashahar Street Neve Tzedek
    Tel: 03-5105204

    Located in a very old building Kimel is a
    country style french restaurant that servers
    nice country dishes like chicken liver pate,
    meat and cheeses and wine. Serves also
    some very unique casserole dishes. Lunch
    deals week days and Friday specials  $$
    Menu (hebrew)

    95 Hashmonaim Street   
    Tel: 03-6240707
    French food   - family run restaurant  friendly
    atmosphere and service - lunch deal  
    Sun-thur noon to 5 PM - $$     menu (Hebrew)
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