Local Fast Food in Tel Aviv

    The local Fast Food are mainly things that come in Pita
    Bread like Falafel, Shawarma or the Sabich the new trend.
    Humus is usually on a plate and you eat it without a fork,
    just wiping with the pita.

    Falafel Hakosem
    1 Shelomo Hamelech Street
    Tel: 03-5252033

    Popular Falafel shop not far from Dizengoff Center. Serves Falafel
    and also Shawarma in Pita or Laffa (a large and thin Pita).
    If to judge by the crowds that sit there enjoying their pitas it must be
    very good. I tried the Shawarma in Laffa and it was delicious.

    Falafel Shlomo & Sons
    On Nordau Blvd. near the Yarkon

    A kiosk that makes fresh falafel made on the spot. Simple and good.
    I ate there many times and enjoyed it.

    Lots of Shawarma shops on Eben Gvirol Street
    and also near Dizengoff Center. I don't know which
    is the best so you will have to try for yourselves:-)

    Sabich is a Iraqi dish A pita with fried eggplant techina
    boiled egg and many other things that you can chose to
    put in.  If you want to try it go to that popular and very good
    Sabich kiosk that is located so centrally that you can't miss it  
    on Frishman near Dizengoff Corner and also
    on Tshernichovsky street Allenby corner
    there is a great sabich but always a long line to wait...


    Humus Ronen
    on Bazel area 16 Ashtoria Haparhi
    There many place for good Hummus in Tel Aviv but for me this old
    establishment is my favorite They serve very good humus and also
    jahnun and melauach the yemenite dishes  that are very popular  
    and tasty.

Jewish Shawarma :-)

    Global Fast Food in Tel Aviv

    You also can get in Tel Aviv all the American fast food
    brands McDonalds,  Pizza Hut, and more. They all have
    deliveries so the good thing is that you can order Take
    Away to your room when you are too tired to go out.

    88 Herbert Samuel boardwalk
    and others
    Tel 03-5758704

    The McDonald's in Israel are  very good value
    and serve also nice salads and other Israeli specials.
    They are trying very hard to change the image from junk food
    to healthy food. There is a branch in Dizengoff Center and in
    Dizengoff Square and also 2 branches on Eben Gvirol On the
    Herbert Samuel Promenade there is a branch
    with sea view.  more Tel Aviv burgers

    Pizza Fino
    169 Ben Yehuda Street on Jabotinsky corner
    Tel: 03-5228165

    An old establishment that specialises in pizza
    and special pizza pies.  I tried it several times
    and it was very good.

    Pizza Agvania
    19 Sheinkin street
    Dizengoff center 2nd floor
    and more branches...

    A chain pizza that is one of my friend favorite (I am not a pizza lover
    myself) What is great about Pizza Agvania (meaning Tomato in
    Hebrew) is the very thin and crispy dough. Great snack when you
    are in Dizengoff center just before you go to a movie.  

    Tony Vespa
    Tel: 03-5460000
    also on Rotschild near Habima

    Trendy Pizza very popular with the young Tel Avivian. Nice to take
    away or just hang around and have a Tony Pizza sitting right there
    on the sidewalk. Priced by weight.
McDonald on Herbert Samuel Promenade
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