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    Thursday June 30 night is Tel Aviv White night Festival when Tel Aviv is   
    partying all night,

    A long list of music live concerts from abroad such as, Elton John this
    Thursday, Alice Cooper, Buddy Guy, Sia and others...
heck for details on Eventim page or MisterTicket page for  
    (Sorry the show details are mostly in Hebrew if you need translation don't
    hesitate to contact me and I will try to help)

    Check for event updates on the Facebook page

    Music clubs  for more live shows  listing

    Links to classical Music, theater and cinema on the culture page

Monthly around the year   

    January - Weather is a little
    cold  but wonderful for long
    walks and treks .  
    Musical Festival  at the Tel
    Aviv Museum,  musical
    events including jazz
    concerts. Liturgical Festival
    of Choral Music in

    February - Celebration of the
    fruits and plants (TU
    BESHVAT) - Irish St Patrick
    festival is on in many pubs -
    Valentine day another good
    cause for celebrations.

    March - Purim Carnival -
    Spring is in the air and the
    trees and fields are
    in bloom. Jerusalem
    International Book Fair. Tel
    Aviv Half Marathon.

    April - Passover Jewish
    version to Easter (not really
    just kidding :-)  when it is
    customary to eat Matzot
    instead of bread for a week
    but don't worry in Tel Aviv
    most restaurants and cafés
    serve bread and Pitas as

    May -  Gay Pride Festival in
    Tel Aviv, The Israel
    Festival in Jerusalem -
    Independence Day and 2
    Remembrance Days -
    for the holocaust victims and
    for the soldiers. The beach
    season is on! Not that you
    cannot go to the beach all
    year around, but now there
    are lifeguards. Beware of
    LAG BAOMER, the bonfire
    night it is fire and smoke all
    over the city.

    June - Shevuot is
    the harvest holiday when it is
    all about cheese and cheese
    products.The white night Tel
    Aviv event, the Hebrew Book
    Week and more,

    July - Hot and humid for at
    least 2 Months from now. Air
    condition and seaside are
    the best remedies.
    Yoga and gymnastic on the
    beach in the morning. Many
    outdoor events on the beach
    and boardwalk.  Dance
    Festival in Carmiel and Arad
    Song Festival Chamber
    music Festival in the Upper
    Galilee at Kfar Blum

    August - Jaffa Nights - Music
    in Old Jaffa evenings Hutzot
    Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Fair
    in Jerusalem and many othe
    r outdoor events. Jazz at the
    Red Sea Festival - at  
    the end of the month in Eilat.

    September - The Jewish
    New Year is somewhere
    between this month and the
    next. Yom Kippur is the
    "terrible" day
    when everything is really
    closed and you should
    provide yourself with food
    and drinks since you won't
    find any shop or bar open
    not even in Tel Aviv

    October - Weather
    is cooling down - Sukkot
    Holiday when you are
    supposed to stay in a hut -
    nice for trips and beach
    holidays. Many Festivals and
    events all over the country:
    Suzanne Dellal International
    Dance Competition in Tel
    Aviv, Theater Festival in Acre,
    International Film Festival in

    November - Autumn weather
    and rain but nice days too.
    International Guitar Festival
    at the Cinemateque Tel Aviv

    December - Choirs From
    Around the World in
    Jerusalem. The Holiday of
    the Holidays in Haifa is
    summarizing December 3
    religious holidays
    Christmas, Hanuka and

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Live music clubs
gay & lesbian scene

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    צילום אמנותי
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