Tel Aviv is Israel Cultural Center and where everything that matters happens:
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    Visual Art

    Tel Aviv Museum of Art  the shrine of Tel Aviv art,
    27 Shaul Hamelech street Tel 03-6961297

    Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for contemporary art near Habima is connected to Tel Aviv Museum of
    Art and you can visit both in one ticket

    Art galleries  - many are located on Gordon Street or in the streets around.

    Museum Haaretz a Museum dedicated to the land of Israel in the past and present that contains
    many archaeological, cultural and ethnological displays-  Tel Aviv 2, Haim Levanon Street tel: 03-

    LITVAK Gallery   a private gallery museum that hosts special exhibitions of International glass
    sculptures  -  4 Berkovitz street tel: 972 3 6959495

    Ilana Gur Museum in Old Jaffa is a unique experience of collected art things.
    Everything about photography in Tel Aviv can be found in the Guy Olami's website
    ( it is in Hebrew :-(

    Horace Richter Gallery - also a center for art music and special events in Old Jaffa


    There are many cinema venues in Tel Aviv and the important thing is that  they are not dubbed. The
    most popular  movies  play usually at Ravhen Tel Aviv in Dizengoff Square the foreign and artistic
    movies play usually at Lev Cinema in Dizengoff Center Mall. If you want to see a film just buy a
    newspaper in English and you will find there the updated listing. (I am sure you figured that out by
    yourself :-) )    

    Cinemateque Tel Aviv offers a rich repertoire of foreign films and also other events website (Hebrew
    only)  2 Shprintzak street Tel: 972-3-6060819


    Rock Jazz Blues: Tel Aviv has a variety of venues for live music some of them are pubs or restaurant
    bars as well.The following venues have different live music performances every night you can
    inquire by phone what's on. There is also live music in some of Tel Aviv pubs  and in some music
    clubs venues.

    Classical music - the TAPC - the Tel Aviv Performing art center also known as the Opera is having a
    rich repertoire
    if you are into classics or you can go to a concert at  Heichal Hatarbut,
    The Mann Auditorium , 1 Huberman Street Tel Aviv Tel: 03-6211777, 1700 703703 ,Tel Aviv
    greatest and oldest concert hall and the home of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra directed by the
    renown Zubin Mehta - !   

    The Einav Cultural Center on Eben Gvirol street on top of the Gan Hayr shopping center tel: 03-
    5217763 presents different music shows every evening

    Tzafta on 30  Eben Gvirol, tel: 03-6950156 is presenting classical concerts on Saturdays mornings
    at 11 (website in Hebrew)

    Felicja Blumenthal Music Center - located in the beautiful Bialik Piazza a renovated old building that
    serves as a music library and a venue for classical music concerts  


    Theater is in mostly in Hebrew - simultaneous translations to English are available at Habima and
    Hakameri and Hagesher for some of the performances - check before you buy tickets.

    The main theater halls in Tel Aviv are:
    Habima  (site in Hebrew only) the first national Hebrew Theater
    2 Tarsat Blvd. Tel: 03 – 6295555
    Hakameri Tel Aviv city Theater now located in a new and modern venue in the Performing Art Center
    area - 30 Leonardo de Vinci St  Tel: 03 – 6061900
    Hagesher Theater -  Started some years ago by Russian new immigrants has now a successful
    repertoire in Hebrew - Yerushalaim Blvd Jaffa Tel:03-6843131
    Beit Lessin  (site in Hebrew only) a small theatre with a main stream chamber style repertoire 101,
    Dizengoff St. Tel: 03 –7255333
    Tzavta is a small venue that hosts avant-garde theater or music shows and is politically oriented to
    the left wing of the Israeli political opinions.
    (website is in Hebrew only)
    30 Eben Gvirol Tel:03-6950166
    Na Lagaat Center - a unique theater with actors that are blind and deaf


    Suzan Dellal Center  is the main dance venue where are presented many interesting dance
    The Israeli Ballet  
    Batsheva Dance Company  The most famous Israeli Dance Group

    Ticket Offices

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