132 Dizengoff street and in Tel Aviv
    Port and many more locations
    tel: 03-5225377

    Best value chain café opened a new
    branch on Dizengoff street. Huge
    salads for very reasonable price. Self
    Service. Friendly and dynamic place.
    Has many additional branches in the
    city and in the country and even in

    171 Ben Yehuda street
    Tel: 03-5440345

    The ultimate breakfast place,
    Benedict is a café dedicated to
    breakfast in all styles and shapes 24
    hour a day.  English, Israeli,
    American or any other breakfast of
    your fancy pop in and get it.

    Café Michal
    230 Dizengoff street (Jabotinsky
    corner) tel: 03-5230236

    Beautiful location in the north side of
    Dizengoff street and nice atmosphere
    - very good cheese cake and eclair a
    creme patissiere yummy :-)) website

    Toilets wonderful and clean with real
    towel napkins for wiping your hands.

    Cafe Mersand
    70 Ben Yehuda Frishman Corner
    Tel: 03-5234318

    Café Mersand  is an old legendary
    café that still maintains the same old
    times atmosphere and furniture but
    improved the coffee. After the owner
    was forced to give up running the
    place due to severe illness the place
    is now in the hands of young people
    who keep to the good home made
    cakes but add a few new alternatives
    like breakfast and sandwiches.  Also
    musical evenings, live shows and
    DJ's. It is a very nice and cozy place
    to have a coffee on the way to the
    beach or back.

    Café Meshulash
    168 Dizengoff Street

    On the hottest spot of Dizengoff,
    near Ben Gurion corner, a quiet café
    in a frantic location. Nice pastries and
    salads. Very nice breakfast served all
    day long with freshly squeezed
    orange juice!

    Toilets One cabin nice & clean take a
    key and step outside in the yard
Cafe Meshulash

    38 Shelomo Hamelech (Frishman

    Off Dizengoff Café. The white
    furniture gives the place a clean and
    refreshing look. Always a jar of ice
    cold water with a lemon or orange
    slice is brought to you as soon as
    you are seated. Nice sandwiches and
    trendy atmosphere.

    Side Walk cafe
    130 Dizengoff street  (Gordon corner)

    New cafe on central location just
    opposite  Aroma branch. Nicely
    designed and serving a classic cafe
    menu at reasonable prices. In the
    early evening they have happy hour
    1+1 on beers.

    Nice place for people watching.