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    Brasserie M&R
    70 Eben Gvirol Street

    French style brasserie, beautifully
    designed in a Parisian style, serves
    wonderful French dishes and
    pastries. One of the best in town.
    I recommend the Pork Ribs with chilly
    and honey  and the millefeuille pastry
    which is delicious  $$
    Cafe Noir
    43 Ahad Haam Street

    Bistro style menu, interior in a
    elegant French design -  a variety of
    bistro dishes - I recommend the
    Liver Pate and the speciality of the
    house which are its various kind of
    Schnizels - been there this week
    (March 2012) and it was a pleasure
    everything was excellent  $$   

    Cofee Bar
    13 Yad Harutzim Street
    Tel: 03-6889696
    website (Hebrew)

    Bistro with very good food and
    great atmosphere - Located
    outside the center of Tel Aviv in
    the area Yad Haruzim which is a
    quite new flourishing
    entertainment area with
    restaurants and bars - anyway it
    means that you can't walk there -
    a taxi is a must - Lunch deals $$
Coffee bar

  Hotel Montefiore
    36 Montefiore Street
    Tel 03-5646100  

    Another chef d'ouevre of the creators
    of the Brasserie and Coffee bar
    bistros. Located in a restored
    beautiful old house the restaurant
    serves also as the dining room of the  
    stylish hotel boutique built on the top
    floor. The restaurant serves brasserie
    dishes with a Vietnamese touch.
    There is a business lunch deal $$

Hotel Montefiore

    6 Hashahar Street Neve Tzedek
    Tel: 03-5105204
    Menu (hebrew)

    Located in a very old building
    Kimel is a country style french
    restaurant that servers nice
    country dishes like chicken liver
    pate, meat and cheeses and
    wine. Serves also some very
    unique casserole dishes. Lunch
    deals week days and Friday
    specials  $$

    19, Harbaa Street  
    Tel. 03-6856859

    Chef Gourmet restaurant serves a
    fusion of  French, Mediterranean and
    traditional north African food with a
    magic touch of the renown chef Aviv
    Moshe in a modern uniquely designed
    interior. Serves business lunch on week
    days until 3.30 PM  $$$
    14 Hatzorfim Street - Old Jaffa
    Tel: 03-5184668  

    Merging into the old Jaffa
    atmosphere by its "flee market
    style" design, Noa offers a
    sophisticated menu of a mix
    between French and  
    Mediterranean dishes. The
    owner and chef Nir Tzuk is
    putting a lot of love and energy in
    and it shows in the interesting
    dishes and special farout
    atmosphere. $$

    87 Hayarkon Street near Dan Hotel
    Tel: 03-5226464

    Raphael is considered one of the best
    restaurant in the city -  and it is indeed
    very pretentious and a great culinary
    experience - however the lunch deals
    are at reasonable price around 85
    Shekel and don't miss the stuffed
    vegetables entree which is delicious  
    Sun-Fri noon to 3.30 PM $$$
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