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    Lonely Planet" ranks Tel Aviv's beach 7th
    after Rio de Janeiro and Sydney.

    "Lonely Planet" has included Tel Aviv as one of the
    world's top ten beach cities. The travel guide ranks Tel
    Aviv's beach in seventh place, saying that the city is the
    "total flipside" of Jerusalem.
    "Tel Aviv is the total flipside of Jerusalem, a modern Sin
    City on the sea rather than an ancient Holy City on a hill.
    When the weather is warm Tel Avivans flock en masse to
    the city beaches. You’ll find young and old soaking up
    the Mediterranean rays, kitesurfing and knocking back
    and forth little rubber balls during friendly matches of
    matkot. The beaches are safe and clean, and there are
    changing rooms and freshwater showers scattered along
    its length. The main beaches are packed with people
    most days, especially on Saturdays, when the crowds
    descend to pick a prime spot. Get here early," Lonely
    Planet writes.
    Tel Aviv's beach topped Dubai, Miami, and Brighton.
    Barcelona ranked number one, followed by Cape Town,
    Rio de Janeiro, Tangier, Sydney, and Valencia.
    In October 2012, Lonely Planet mentioned the Negev as
    one of the top ten sites worth visiting in 2013. Tel Aviv
    has previously earned similar flattering mentions. Two
    years ago, it was included in the top ten hottest cities
    worth visiting. "Lonely Planet" cited the city's choice of
    entertainment ventures and unique character.

    Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www. - on January 20, 2013

                        Tel Aviv beaches

    All of the Tel Aviv west side is one long beach which is divided into
    beaches named  according to the hotel or street nearby. Here is the list
    of the beaches from North to South.

    Please note that in the area south to Gordon beach the beaches are under
    construction at the moment and undergoing a massive renovation so just go
    north..The municipality promises it will be ready for the summer so I hope that
    in a month or so these beaches will be open. I will keep you updated.

    Hof Hatzuk
    is the only beach that is not free but requires an entrance fee - accordingly it
    has very good facilities. It is in a north part of Tel Aviv and you cannot reach
    it by foot from the center.

    Sheraton or Metzitzim
    called so because many years ago Sheraton Hotel used to be there - now
    this beach is called more often Metzitzim because of the legendary movie with
    Arik Einstein and Uri Zohar and also because Sheraton Hotel is now more to
    the South near Gordon Street - it is a bit confusing :-) The showers and the
    toilets have been recently refurbished so they are quite nice.  There is also a
    beach bar called Metzitizim open in the evening too and a new children

    The Separated Beach
    The separated beach also called the Religious beach, is located on the left  
    side of Metzitzim (if you face the sea)  The separated beach is designated for
    the use of the orthodox religious people and there are days for men only and
    days for women only - However on Saturday it's a nice mixed gender beach,
    open for everybody as the religious people are not allowed to go to the
    beach on Saturday anyway. Also if you like to get a topless suntan you can
    go there in the women only days - they don' t mind at least they didn't last
    time I tried (a few years ago)

    Atzmout Beach (The Gay beach)
    between the Separated beach and Hilton beach, right under the Atzmaut
    Park on the hill, there is a narrow strip of beach that is supposed to be the
    beach for gays and dogs :-) no offense - dogs are allowed as it is not an
    organised beach and gays just chose to meet there ...

    Hilton beach
    The best beach if you like to swim in wave less sea - on the left part of the
    breakwater there is a pool like sea where you can enjoy swimming - just
    beware of the kayaks, boats and surfboards that are heading to sea from
    there.  There is a beach bar - restaurant called Topsy Bar  

    Gordon Swimming Pool
    Renovated recently in a minimalist modern style on a wooden deck and with
    open view to the sea and the Marina. Still the same cold salty water coming
    the depth of the sea. Opening hours Sunday to Thursday from 6 AM to 7 PM,
    Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM

    Gordon Beach
    Nice and clean beach populated by many tourists  - the restaurant is pricey
    and not recommended - 1 shekel fee for the toilets that are reasonable clean
    - there is a Ben & Jerry Ice cream stand where you can have a nice
    refreshment. The beach bar decorated in Orange and white is nice if you like
    to watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand:
    Lalaland café, bar right there on the beach nice for sunset drinks and
    morning snacks.

    Gym on the beach Gordon Beach

         Frishman Beach
    Near Dan Hotel and the US Embassy is also a very beautiful and clean beach
    with nice beach beds. It is lovely to spend the morning there and than cross
    the Yarkon street for lunch or breakfast at Café Mezada. I just did this lately
    on a Friday morning and I felt like a tourist

    The southern beaches
    all the way south until Jaffa there are mostly the same - I would like to
    mention Banana Beach Bar that is a bit souther from the Opera Tower and is
    a nice place to sit on the beach and have a drink  in a sloppy atmosphere.

    Drums beach
    on the back of the Dolfinarium complex that BTW is a place where you don't
    want to be - very neglected and poorly looking - a beach and a pub where
    every Friday there are drummers sessions at sunset.  - you can also sit at
    Chinky Beach Bar next to it for drinks.