Antique +
    152 Dizengoff Street

    Entering Suzzie's shop you feel like you have stepped
    into a romantic painting. Beautiful things surround you.
    For Suzzie Romano, the owner of the shop this is a
    hobby that she transformed into a business, she is
    bringing from Europe antiques especially  jewelry and
    beautiful objects.

    Hamachteret (the underground)
    8 Almonit Alley
    Tel: 972 3 6202413

    Vintage style shop hidden in a little alley from King
    George, decorated in a Retro look and has a wide
    collection of new and second hand clothes. Spacious
    and pleasant to visit and try on things.

    33 Allenby street
    Tel: 972 3 5254242

    Right in the hussle and bussle of busy Allenby this shop
    stands out with the variety of second hand items and clothes.
    Interesting and colorful collection of stuff.

    Nedunya (The Dowry)
    116 Ben Yehuda Street Tel: 03 -6203697

    A dream come true if you like to decorate your kitchen in a
    French 40's style... Nedunya means in Hebrew dowry and
    offers a rich dowry of wonderful country kitchen antique
    utensils, all personally brought from markets in Europe by  
    the shop owner.  

    Hayo Haya (Once upon a time)
    72 Ben Yehuda Street (Frishman Corner)
    Tel: 972 3 5276614

    A second hand shop where you can find everything you want
    or don't want... Vintage clothes,  lace embroidered blouses,
    fur coats, old dolls, books, jewelery, porcelain dishes and
    much more. The little shop is so full that you can hardly move
    but it is a treat for collectors and second hand clothes fans.
    Meira the shop owner is a born collector and she loves to
    look for interesting items to add to her shop. Once upon a
    time is located on Ben Yehuda not far from the beach so
    when you are around and have some time go and see for
    yourself it is an experience.

    antique Books & Maps
    36 & 42 King George Street
    Tel: 972-3 -5288613

    The leading  antiquarian bookshops in Tel Aviv
    specializing in antique books and maps. Located not far
    from Dizengoff center. Interesting to visit if you are a
    collector or just curious about old books.  website

    Salon Berlin
    15 Rabi Israel Najara Street (just near Allenby street)
    Tel. 972 3 510216

    The Concept of this shop is to offer art and clothing in
    one. Basically it is a Vintage shop that sells a variety of
    T Shirts and other clothes and accessories. Inside the
    shop there is a Salon where movies are screened every
    Monday. Designed with creative atmosphere inspired
    by  salons of Berlin, very colorful, songs written on the
    walls, wtc

    Shoshanim (Roses)
    234 Dizengoff street
    Tel: 972-3-5441291

    An antique and second hand theme little shop on roses.
    Shoshanim meaning roses in hebrew: roses on clothes,
    jewelry ,china porcelain  and antiques Very unique and
    bizarre little shop. Shosh Livne and her daughter Galit
    love beautiful things, collect them and sell them in their
    little shop.

    Ziva Tal Antique Shop
    207 Dizengoff Street
    Tel: 972-3-5275311

    When I asked the owner of the shop, Ziva, what is her
    antique shop speciality she answered that it is a
    collection of things that are beautiful in her eyes. And
    indeed the shop is full of beautiful antique things,
    mirrors, frames, antic jewels and Ziva blends
    marvellously  with her surroundings.
Ziva Tal Antique Shop
antique +
Once upon a time
Salon Berlin